Being a stay at home is a big job. One wouldn't think so prior to goin in, but after about the first week in reveling in having complete autonomy of your schedule things start to get real! Your days are soon full to the brim with things to do, chores to complete and some weeks complete and utter boredom. Ive grown to comparing being a stay at home mom much like food.... you can do nor eat the same exact thing every single day - it needs spice and variety right?! So before you quit your job consider these things to make your transition and life a little easier.

Make a plan

A day in the life of a stay at home mom comes with many ups and downs - the most basic of plans will help you overcome anxiety and loneliness when you transition to being home full-time. make a list of all the things you could do for fun or projects you want to get done and set them on a list of things to do daily, weekly, monthly etc. when the honeymoon phase of not working a 9-5 job is over you'll be happy you made a plan to keep yourself happy and productive at home.

This plan will of course change once you get into the swing of things on your own.

I went in blind when I left my job, I had no idea that being a stay at home mom would get challenging and what I learned about myself is that I enjoy being productive! and doing endless routines of cooking and laundry didn't make me feel prouductive. I felt like I was going down a rabbit hole day after day - so I adopted a time blocking routine in my calendar and it helped me tremendously!

Get organized

Make a system, being a stay at home mom isn't just tending to the baby doing laundry and pureeing baby food, its a full time home management job. You will most likely be the one doing almost everything other than earning a solid income (although there are ways to earn yourself some spending cash) include not only all of the endless to-dos but also self care because getting burnt out is all too real for SAHM's!

Write down your mission statement for being a SAHM. This will help rationalize your choices if you go down a hole of feeling inadequate or like you made the wrong decision staying home. Just knowing the reasons and reflecting on how much better it is for your family for you to be home in this supportive role.

Make sure you have some financial security

Money is probably the biggest stressor with being a stay at home mom. Hopefully you're in a good position to live on just your partners income. Before quitting your job, make sure you have a padded savings for any surprise expenses and know how much you can afford to live on. You also want to factor in retirement savings, unexpected job loss and additional family savings to do either fun things or to support your children's life events.

pay off as much debt as you can before making the leap.

Don't go crazy making big life plans just yet!

I still can't believe that when I was pregnant with my first child I made a plan to start my own business as soon as I left my old job. HA! no wonder I was getting cross looks from people I would talk about this with, I mean starting a business is kind of like having another kid, it needs a lot of attentention. I was so hard on me when I couldn't make it work. I felt like a total failure that I couldn't freelance my way to my old salary with an infant... now of course in hindsight I see how crazy that was.

I think that I just didn't realize that my life was transitioning completely. I thought a baby would fit into my old life, not that I would be creating a new one from scratch. Mourning my old life and who I was before starting a family was the biggest hurdle I had to face personally. So ease into everything and take it all in stride as much as you can!

So tell me in the comments - do you enjoy being home full time? What are your plans if you're in the planning stages now?

Thanks for reading!

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