I think there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to being a stay at home mom, admittedly I get nervous when I have to answer the question 'what do you do'? It's more like what don't I do, and how long do you have for me to sit you down to carefully craft the ins and outs of motherhood. Being a stay at home mom is 24/7 work- there is no one there to give you a coffee break, let a lone a lunch break and although you have your hubby or SO and the kids to talk to all day - oddly it can be very boring and isolating at times. For some reason many people believe I stroll out of bed, heat up some coffee, wolf down a few chocolate scones and park myself in front of the TV and stream Netflix all day.... I know all you other stay at home moms reading this are laughing out loud right now! ha! I wish I could say this was my life!

In all honesty I think we all do momming a little differently - and schedules change as quickly as our kids grow... seemingly at the speed of light. When my boys were infants I was knee deep in diapers, feeding times, nap schedules and outdoor play -but now my oldest is 5 and youngest is 4 - our lives are completely different, yet still so busy.

The biggest credit I give to my survival as a SAHM is keeping a schedule, even from the beginning of being full time at home mom I felt grounded when I kept a schedule. It always made me feel productive to see my day planned out and I found it to be a great way to record my infants schedule and important information I could refer back to if I needed to. I use time blocking as my method of choice and it has really given me a sense of control over my day.

Here is my typical routine with kids and family.

7am: My kids are at a stage where they wake up around 7:30ish, on most days I try to be up by 7 to either ease into my day by enjoying peace and quiet before the littles emerge from their rooms or to grab a quick cup of coffee and put on something to watch that isn't a cartoon.

8am: We're all in full swing of getting breakfast on the table and a quick after breakfast cleanup.

9am: is a little relaxed in our house since my husband now works from his home office, we get to spend a little family time in the morning before work. The kids watch an educational show or I set them up with a small craft or activity and my husband and I chit chat over coffee.

10am: Get the kids dressed, get myself dressed, make beds and do a quick clean up if the house needs it.

11am: between 11 and 12 I start to prepare my 5 year old preschool snack and put his bag together. I also prepare lunch for the kids since one is in school around a typical lunch time.

12:15: I leave to drop off my son in preschool and hit the market with my other one, most days I pick up what I think I will need for dinners and lunch or something I forgot about -and sometimes I do a big grocery pickup.

1pm: I get my youngest outside to play, or bring him to play at a playground, go to the zoo etc. Rainy days I plan an activity or do story time with him so that he gets one-on-one attention from me.

2pm: Prepare a snack for my son that is home and start getting things ready or picked up before I go pick up my other child from school.

3pm: School pickup, drive home... typically getting home around 3:30 then getting the kids settled into playing with toys or watching a video

4pm: Flex time - and my down time typically I grab a quick cup of coffee and start planning dinner.

5pm-6:30pm: This is usually the time we are getting ready for dinner, making dinner and eating, along with clean up.

6:30-7:30pm: The kids get to play with daddy. In the summer we get to go back outside to kick around a ball, work on different outdoor sensory activities or let the kids play and explore.

8pm: Starts our bedtime routine, it's a circus in our house around this time. from baths to dressing, I don't know why children get so much energy at night. It takes so long to get them both dressed into their pajamas now that they are independent enough to dress themselves ha ha. Then we brush our teeth and get them to go on potty - then its finally off to bed!

At first glance this may seem like a pretty simple and mundane schedule, but this is just the skeletal structure of a day in the life of a stay at home mom. Additional layers of tasks and to-dos go into each day, i'm currently juggling keeping the house clean, getting meals prepared and getting my youngest to finally use the potty on a regular basis- which is also another full time job. Other days I'm focused on scheduling in my own self care, and home schooling activities to make sure my kids are on track hitting age appropriate milestones.

Being a stay at home mom is very rewarding, there is nothing better than watching your children change and grow every single day. It truly is a blessing and a privilege many women don't get to experience. But it's not all rainbows and rose, its a hard and demanding job with little adult stimulation, but I wouldn't give it up for the world.

So how do you spend your days as a stay at home mom? Let me know in the comments.

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